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How To Become A Master of the Universe and Have POWER Over the Course of Your Life

By: Cucan Pemo

Motivational Can you taste the success that you want in your life? If not, why not? When you want to attract success in your life, you need to make sure that you can clearly see it in your mind whenever you think about it.

Think about it this way. When the universe and the energy in the world are focused, it can do wonderful things ' create powerful storms or a peaceful calm. In your mind, when you're not being clear about what you want, how can you expect the world to provide what you want?

1) The laws that you don't want to break

There is a set of universal laws that govern the energy in the world ' called the laws of attraction.

These laws state that like attracts like. So, in that reasoning, when you think about the things that you want and the dreams you want to achieve, you will start to attract those things into your life ' seems simple, right?

But it's a little more complicated than that.

Many of us have dreams that we want to see come true. It might be physical objects or a new job. Maybe we want to have a certain person in our life, etc.

However, while we have these dreams, they are often only fleeting thoughts in our mind, able to be accessed only when we give them a second or two of our lives.

In short, we're not giving them the focus they need in order for the universe to respond. To create that necessary focus, you need to learn about visualization.

2) What is visualization?

Seeing is believing; we sometimes say. What you need to do is start to visualize in minute detail what you want from your life.

Right now, sit down and write down all of the things that you see in your mind when you think of abundance and wealth.

But think about what YOU associate with these words. This isn't about thinking about the things that everyone else wants; what do you want?

Here are some questions to get you started:

a) What does your dream look like?

b) Where are you living your dream?

c) How much money do you have?

d) What kinds of things do you have?

e) Who are you with?

f) What job do you have?

g) What are you wearing?

And this list could go on. But what you need to do is be as specific as possible about what abundance looks like to you.

Try to come up with the exact numbers, details, sights, smells, textures, etc.

What you're doing is imprinting your idea of abundance into your mind so that the laws of attraction aren't confused about what to provide for you.

3) But you have to practice seeing

Each morning or night, whichever works better, try to visualize your dream in this exact detail.

This will continuously remind your mind of what you want and will start to create subtle shifts in your consciousness that will allow you to make the decisions that will advance you to that goal more quickly.

You can also take the time to tape record or digitally record yourself talking about your dreams and then listen to it again and again.

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