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The Secret: Discover how to get attraction or sowing and reaping working in your favor now

By: Phil Barnao

Motivational Do you want to discover how to make attraction work in your favor so opportunities, relationships and momentum comes easily to you. ..So you can stop struggling and get on the path to your success today?

Let's first start by explaining what is attraction?

Attraction is really just the "new" term for sowing and reaping. When God formed the foundations of the earth he instilled some universal natural laws that we should understand. These laws work for ALL people.

For example "gravity" is one of them. I'm sure you would agree that everyone needs to pay attention to gravity...or face some pretty big accidents. Well attraction is no different, it's just not so obvious. So what is it?

To best sum this up I would have to use the quote "what you think about you bring about".

It doesn't matter if it's good thoughts or bad or if you want them or not. The truth is that your dominant thoughts are what you are attracting into your life this very minute. This is EXTREMELY important to understand!

You see this is relevant to everything in your life. It's applies to your relationships, finances, health etc. You name and attraction affects it.

Since like attracts like, the universal law responds by sending you back "answers" similar to the vibrations you're sending. The vibrations are created by your thoughts and more importantly your emotions.

This means whatever you're emotionalizing comes back to you in increase. The stronger that your emotions are the more powerful the vibration (or signal) sent out is. This makes the attraction stronger.

Again that can be good or bad dependent on what your dominant thoughts and emotions are.

Let's take a look at some Good Emotions...

Love, joy, happiness, peace, excitement, satisfaction, fulfillment, laughter, etc

And some Bad Emotions…

Hatred, anger, stress, frustration, dissatisfaction, turmoil, etc


Your thoughts backed (or "charged") with good emotions attract good opportunity into your life, and charged with bad emotions attract bad opportunity and situations.

Jesus said "whatever you ask for in prayer BELIEVE (charge with the emotion of faith) and you will receive.

If you don't believe you'll have a hard time getting your prayers answered. ...without Faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. He will lead and guide you but it's up to you to "walk in faith" and use the universal laws to your advantage.

Some people work the law of attraction in a positive way without even realizing it. While others without realizing it work it in a negative way.

Do you want to know how you are doing with the law of attraction? Simply look at your life's results in all areas and that will tell you. If you're not happy you need to change your dominant thoughts and emotions.

HOW? Here are two great strategies to assist you in this…

STRATEGY #1 -Create a vision board. A vision board is an amazing way to supercharge your vision and the law of attraction at the same time. It really helps you visualize and more importantly "emotionalize" your future.

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