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How to keep yourself motivated through life.

By: Lily Woods

Motivational In life, there tend to be ups and downs. When you are down, you have to keep yourself motivated and bring yourself up again. Negative thoughts, if excessive may sometimes affect a person's self esteem. For example, you feel that you are not being acknowledged in the office and you get bored of working. This happens to almost anyone. Discouragement and lack of motivation will hinder you from focusing on your objective. Here are some methods I personally use to keep myself motivated, which I use over and over again.

Try having visual goals, something solid, and something material. Big dreams like owning a bigger house, a better car or a holiday of your dreams. Better still if you stick the picture of the house or car or holiday destination in your work station or cubicle. It keeps you sane under that tremendous work stress. When you have something to look forward to, the willpower will come naturally.

Do a to-do-list. It can be single item or many items, with or without expiry date. Researchers say that when tasks are easier accomplished when written down. It's like a contract with yourself and contracts are meant to be honored. Having a to-do-list posted on the fridge is so much more effective than just remembering it mentally. Start a list today.

Small rewards can make real big difference too. Tell your friends and family you have achieved some of your plans. I am sure they are more than willing to give you small praises and keep you motivated. You can also reward yourself when partially achieve one major task. For example, if you plan to lose 10kg, buy yourself a new dress when you lost 5kg. By doing so, you will look forward to losing the remaining 5kg.

The last method I would like to share is reading motivational books. Walk into a book store or search for an ebook online. Motivational books need not to be in the form of lectures or pure methodology. There are some in the form of real life examples. I find the latter more inspiring and encouraging. Reading about others' successes make me realized it sometimes achieving success is easier than you thought.

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