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How To Improve Your Quality of Life by Using the Seven Moments - Moment #5

By: Christian Blake

Lifestyle Moment #5 Ė Reunion - "Holidays are just an excuse to have a Reunion."

Letís say it has been twenty years since youíve seen your "old pal" Bob. One day youíre out buying flowers for your girlfriend at the local flower shop, and in walks Bob. Surprise, surprise. You shake hands, and spend the next twenty minutes catching up on lost time. Thatís a reunion. Or, it has been two days since you dropped off your dry cleaning with Gina at Ginaís Dry Cleaning; and itís time to pick it up. You head over to get your dress shirts and Gina happens to be working the front desk again. Thatís another reunion. Reunions can be brief and light (saying hello to your boss when you get to work in the morning), or they can be emotional heavy-weights (visiting a friend who once saved your life).

Some examples of reunion:

Reuniting with your son or daughter after years of a strained relationship and no communication

Reuniting with a doctor who has the results to your blood tests

Reuniting with your classmates at your forty-year high school reunion

Reunions can also be an expected part of our daily routine:

Reuniting with your co-workers when you go to work

The girl at the coffee shop who knows exactly what you want

The doorman who greets you every day

Holidays are traditional examples of family reunions: Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Day, New Yearís Eve, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc. Although these get-togethers are centered around specific dates, we are simply experiencing one of the seven strongest moments in life: reunion.

Itís not hard to experience a reunion. Call up a friend and ask them to meet you for lunch, or ask them to join you for a walk on the beach. Call a family member for a brief phone conversation-an aunt, an uncle, or perhaps a distant cousin.

Reunions are fairly simple to incorporate into your life. If you design your life to have a few reunions in it every week, especially strong ones, youíll live a life that is richer in the human experience.

Reunions do not have to be big productions either. All it takes to experience a reunion is a phone call to an old friend. Why not pick up the phone right now and call someone whom you havenít spoken to for years? Itíll be a good experience for the both of you. I promise.

Thank you for taking the time to read these articles. You have now learned five of the Seven Moments. The last two moments truly tie everything together. However, they are only available in my book.

You should be able to enhance your daily life by appreciating these moments when they occur. You should also try to generate them into your life whenever possible. - Christian Blake

Christian Blake has since written two books on the Seven Moments. One is for the general public: how to be happy, and the other is geared towards entertainment; specifically teaching screen writers how to write a screenplay. If you prefer to read more of Christian Blake's general writing, please visit Los Angeles Writer.
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