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By: Andrew Hillman

Cars A rally driving experience can be your thrill of a lifetime if you take the chance to do it sometime. Sure, driving the kids to school, going to the supermarket and driving to work are a part of daily life but there are all sorts of off-road driving escapades waiting to be explored. Off-road driving or rally driving, is driving on unpaved, raw roads such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural environments. It involves driving a specialized vehicle with either four-wheel drive or an all-terrain vehicle that can help you navigate through some tricky byways. Rally driving is a sport that has become quite popular with people who are looking for adrenaline-filled fun, or just some recreational activity to pass the time on what would otherwise be a lazy day.

Off-roading first emerged in the early 20th century, and actually materialized as a television show on ABC. It quickly became so popular that it was named a full-fledged sport. The amateur off-road drivers of the 1950’s were paid next to nothing for participating in the sport. Then, in 1960 Eric Carlsson became the world’s first rally driving celebrity. In the 1970’s, rally driving was dominated by the Nordics. Today, the World Rally Championship caters to almost all the continents.

Off road driving is also known as “autocross” in the UK. Most people think this type of driving is all about the speed and horsepower you are not permitted to use on roads and streets. Rally driving requires careful handling of the vehicle and vigilant navigational skills. Of all the motorsports you can get involved in, off roading is the most affordable and inexpensive. Both the middle class and elite audience enjoy this sport. It has become a lucrative business for car manufacturers too, as they are able to show off their products in rally driving competitions or other off-road events. These races test the car’s performance, safety, and reliability for mass consumer approval.

There are two types of major rally driving experiences: stage and road rallies. Stage rallies are basically the more professional branch of racing that uses direct speed and stretches of roads that are closed off from urban traffic. Drivers must be able to negotiate such surfaces and environments as forest trails, snow, sand, asphalt, and mountain passes. This kind of rally driving has grown popular in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Drivers with accuracy and navigational skills often win stage rallies. Road rallies are the original form of rally driving, and are known sometimes as the “time-speed-distance rally.” The earlier road rally races were known as trials and some of the races are still known as trials today. Road rallies cover all types of surfaces across the world and you never know where and when they will hold a race. This keeps each road rally driving experience exciting and captivating for the drivers as well as their audience and fans. Rally driving experiences are very popular among common people such as motor clubs and individuals who are fans of motor sports.

Now you can stop living your road rally dreams on video games and bring them to life! If you think this is something you’ve always wanted to try, then go ahead and give it a go. Most find that rally driving is an experience worth having at least once in their lives.

Andrew is a writer for rallycardriving.com.au a website where you can book a rally driving day online and compare prices from various providers

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